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Hair Loss is a common Problem faced by Male and Female, Young and old. It becomes a cause of concern for everyone. The general scientific term for hair loss : Alopecia, Subtypes of Alopecia include: Androgenetic Alopecia, Alopecia Areata ,Traction Alopecia, Alopecia Universalis, Telogen Effluvium

Alopecia Areata: An autoimmune disease that causes the body to form antibodies against some hair follicles.Alopecia Areata causes sudden smooth, circular patches of hair loss. There are no known cures and in many cases the hair grows back on its own.

Telogen Effluvium: Telogen effluvium is an abnormal loss of hair due to alteration of the normal hair cycle. Normally, most of the hairs are in the growth stage and only one hundred hairs per day fall from the scalp. When telogen effluvium occurs, a greater proportion of the hairs enter the resting phase of the cycle and hair shedding is greater than normal..

Androgenetic Alopecia: Hair loss that results from a genetic predisposition that makes follicles sensitive to the effects of DHT. This is the most common form of hair loss and can also affect women. Other terms for this condition include: MPB, male pattern baldness, female pattern baldness, hereditary Alopecia and Androgenic Alopecia.

Rowan introduced Minoxidil 5% & 10% solutions FDA approved hair growth formulation with propylene Glycol as penetration enhancer in it. We also introduced Biotin and Biotin combination with calcium pantothenate and Zinc to regrow hair and prevent premature greying.

Types Of Hair Growth Products


FDA approved Hair Growth Drug.

Specifications of XIMINOX

Product Name
XIMINOX-5 Topical soln.
XIMINOX-10 Topical Soln.

Pack & Ingredients
60ml bottle with dropper and measuring cap. XIMINOX is a colorles solution.
XIMINOX-5 Contains Minoxidil USP 5%
XIMINOX-10 Contains Minoxidil USP 10%

Special Features
XIMINOX-5&10 Solutions contain Propylene Glycol which enhances the penetration as well prevents dryness of scalp.
Ximinox is FDA approved hair growth solution and XIMINOX-5 is the best traement option for women with AGA Ludwig Stage I & II

1ml. of XIMINOX-5 & 10 solution is to be applied twice daily on the scalp to achieve and than maintain efficacy.

Technical Specification
Minoxidil, a peripheral vasodilator, occurs as a white or off white, odorless, crystalline solid which is readily soluble in propylene Glycol or ethanol, soluble in water to the extant of 2mg/ml.Its chemical name is 2,4-diamino-6-piperidino-pyrimidine-3-oxide,with molecular wt. 209.25.


Specifications of BIOTIN

Product Name
XSORATE-CZ Tabs. blister strip of 10’s

Biotin USP 5mg. tabs.
Biotin USP 5mg., N-Acetyl Cysteine USP 50mg.
Calcium Pantothenate IP 100mg.
Sodium Selenate USP 65mcg
Cupric Oxide IP 3mg., Zinc Oxide IP 22.5mg

For Brittle Nails,Cheilitis,Immature Greying of Hair,Falling Hair

Technical Specification
People with Blood Gp.A,raw egg takers frequent antibiotics,antacids&anticonvulsants users are at high risk of hair loss due to Biotin deficiency

Brief Description About Product
Biotin prevents hair loss extensively as adjuvant to other treatments, it also leads to significant increase in nail plate thickness.

In 2010 Rowan introduced a product derived from natural ingredient Saw Palmetto which is being used as 5-α Reductase inhibitor since last 40-50 years to treat BPH and since last 10 years is being used for AGA too.This is the only systemic alternate for female AGA . Rowan introduced Saw Palmetto in topical as well as systemic formulations with brand name KLOSH .

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