Rowan Bioceuticals Private Limited has been making Skin Care moisturizing Cream for quite a long time. The moisturizing cream offered by us restores the lost moisture of the skin provides natural hydration for all skin types and makes skin look radiant. We market our moisturizing and nourishing creams under the brand names MOISCALYX cream and IONIKOS Lotion. We can supply Wholesale Moisturizing Cream at reasonable prices.

Type of Moisturising



Specifications of Moisturising

Product Name

Glycerine 3%, Liquid Paraffin 3%, Aloe Vera 3%, cetyl alcohol etc....

Pack & Special Features
Moiscalyx Cream is available in a 50 gms.lami tube pack. It is fragrance free non sticky, cream which rehydrates, moisturises the skin and prevents dermatoses flare ups. Natural humectant glycerine attracts water to skin and helps skin cells mature properly. Highly refined and purified mineral oil in Moiscalyx is non comedogenic.

Apply 2-3 times in a day on hands, face, feet and on body for proper moisturisation and rehydration.

IONIKOS calamine lotion

Specifications of IONIKOS

Product Name

Ingredients and Pack
Calamine 8% w/v, Aloe Vera 10% w/v
Zinc oxide 3% w/v, Glycerine 5% w/v
Light Liquid Paraffin 10% w/v & simethicon.

Pack & Special Featurese
Ionikos is a daily nourishing lotion available in a 60ml.pack .Ionikos is extremely soothing, natural astringent and most effective renewal agent with natural PH.
Ionikos is antiseptic,anti-pruritic lotion, prevents dryness. Ionikos prevents crystallization of calamine on the skin.
Ionikos is a natural hydration for all skin types. Ionikos also serves as mild sunscreen due to presence of  physical sunscreen Zinc Oxide in it.

Apply appropriate quantity of Ionikos on body for anti-pruritic and soothing effects.

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