Hair Growth Products

Hair Growth Products


Hair Loss is a common Problem faced by Male and Female, Young and old. It becomes a cause of concern for everyone. The general scientific term for hair loss : Alopecia, Subtypes of Alopecia include: Androgenetic Alopecia, Alopecia Areata ,Traction Alopecia, Alopecia Universalis, Telogen Effluvium

Alopecia Areata: An autoimmune disease that causes the body to form antibodies against some hair follicles.Alopecia Areata causes sudden smooth, circular patches of hair loss. There are no known cures and in many cases the hair grows back on its own.

Telogen Effluvium: Telogen effluvium is an abnormal loss of hair due to alteration of the normal hair cycle. Normally, most of the hairs are in the growth stage and only one hundred hairs per day fall from the scalp. When telogen effluvium occurs, a greater proportion of the hairs enter the resting phase of the cycle and hair shedding is greater than normal..

Androgenetic Alopecia: Hair loss that results from a genetic predisposition that makes follicles sensitive to the effects of DHT. This is the most common form of hair loss and can also affect women. Other terms for this condition include: MPB, male pattern baldness, female pattern baldness, hereditary Alopecia and Androgenic Alopecia.

Rowan introduced Minoxidil 5% & 10% solutions FDA approved hair growth formulation with propylene Glycol as penetration enhancer in it. We also introduced Biotin and Biotin combination with calcium pantothenate and Zinc to regrow hair and prevent premature greying.

Types Of Hair Growth Products


Oral Saw Palmetto – CAPSULES & TABLETS

1. Specifications of KLOSH CAPS.

Product Name

Saw Palmetto extract 160 mg., Stinging Nettle 120mg.
Beta Sitosterol 50mg., PABA 50mcg.

Pack & Features
KLOSH is a strip of 10 caps.in a unit carton. KLOSH is a vegetarian capsule, which Reduces DHT levels Blocks Receptor sites and stimulates hair growth.
Klosh lowers levels of DHT in the body by blocking 5-α reductase. Saw Palmetto does not cause erectile dysfunction, ejaculatory disorders or altered libido. Saw Palmetto 320mg/day is 3-fold more effective inhibitor than finasteride(5mg/day).
Finasteride dose for AGA Is significantly lower(1mg/day),suggesting,a 15 fold more potent level of inhibition.
Klosh is safely and widely used in female.
KLOSH Caps.is a promising treatment in acne as it increases SHBG that works to disarm strong testosterone.

2. Specifications of KLOSH-F TABS.

Product Name

Saw Palmetto extract 400 mg., L-Carnitine 200mg.
Beta Sitosterol 100mg., Thioctic Acid 100mg.

Pack & Features
KLOSH-F is a strip of 15 tabs.in a unit carton.KLOSH-F enhances AGA treatment by combining Saw palmetto with anti- Inflammatory agents.
KLOSH-F inhibits both subtypes of 5-α reductase & lowers DHT levels.
KLOSH-F promotes hair growth by increasing energy supply to rapidly proliferating and enery consuming anagen hair Matrix.
KLOSH-F helps grow thinning head hair and reduce unwanted facial and body hair in women affected by PCOS.

Topical Saw Palmetto-SHAMPOO & OIL

1. Specifications of KLOSH SHAMPOO.

Product Name
KLOSH shampoo.

Saw Palmetto extract 5%, Rosemary 2%
YGE 10%.Naxaine 20% Shampoo base.

Pack & Features
KLOSH shampoo is available in 120ml and 250ml PE bottles.
This shampoo is sulphates and parabens free.
It contains natural DHT blockers to reduce scalp DHT and stimulate hair growth.
It also has organic amino acids to stimulate follicle growth twice than normal.
It is a good choice for chemically treated and fine hair, works as general conditioner.
KLOSH shampoo is non irritating to eyes and leave hair manageable.
KLOSH shampoo clears dandruff from the scalp.

Apply KLOSH shampoo on scalp and leave on for several minutes. Rinse thoroughly with water.

2. Specifications of KLOSH OIL

Product Name
KLOSH hair oil with Rosemary.

Tea Tree oil 0.25,
Vitamin E Oil 0.5%, Amla oil extract 2%,
Amla oil extract 2%,
Jatamanasi oil extract 2%,
Rosemary essential oil extract 0.2%,
Cedarwood oil 0.2%, Tulsi oil extract 0.5%,
Tulsi oil extract 0.5%,
Sebal extract 0.5%,
Vegetable oil to make 100 %.

Pack & Features
KLOSH oil applied topically promotes cell growth in scalp by curbing build-up of scalp oil(Sebum) Which plugs the follicles.
KLOSH oil applied on the scalp lead to 35 % increase in hair density and 67% increase in sebum reduction.
KLOSH-F promotes hair growth by increasing energy supply to rapidly proliferating and enery consuming anagen hair Matrix.
It strengthens hair roots,and restores natural hair colour.

Massage Klosh oil twice in a day on the scalp with circular movements of fingers in the morning & evening.

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