Anti Ageing Products

Anti Ageing Products


Cosmetology and Tricology branches of Skin care segment is growing at the fastest pace world over. To look good and presentable is and industry of Billions of dollars. Of late organisations are putting lot of efforts and investments in developing products from natural resources whose pharmacology is studied and whose benefits out number the negative effects.

Two words “Age Gracefully” explains everything on what the industry is working in the recent years. We at Rowan also started since 2010 on this concept of anti ageing both in topical and oral forms. We started by introducing a product named AB-UV e gel for peri-orbital melanosis, puffiness of eyes and crow’s feet. As eyes are the most sensitive part, we could succeed in producing transparent gel preparation. In 2011 we started working on producing Saw Palmetto in topical(oil and Shampoo) and systemic(Caps.& Tabs.) form with the brand name KLOSH, which drifted the industry opinion towards naturally derived formulations for hair related disorders.

From 2012 we started working on fairness products, we introduced L-glutathione which is a natural anti-oxidant and which modifies melanin formation. We introduced Glosutix tabs. the chewable glutathione with orange flavour. Infact Glosutix is the only formulation having Vit.-C in equimolar quantities. Recently we introduced enteric coated Glutathione also.

Ascorbic acid though is the natural antioxidant found in abundance in nature, but stabilizing ascorbic acid is the most tedious task. Rowan by working continuously as per our belief “Evolution, Innovation continuous process” introduced VICROW in 2014 a stabilized Vit.-C serum with 20% ascorbic acid and 0.5% hyaluronic acid. Topical ascorbic acid is 20 times more potent than oral form for removing age spots, wrinkles and marks from skin .

We are also working on neck forming formulations, tripeptide shampoo and serum and of course on plant derived stem cells for generations to “Age Gracefully”.

Type Of Anti Ageing products


AB-UV Eye Gel.

Specifications of AB-UV Eye Gel.

Product Name
AB-UV Eye Gel.

Pack & Ingredients
AB-UV e .Gel is available in 12 gms.and 30gms. Packs. Fragrance Free, Hypoallergenic gel.
AB-UV e.gel contains Phytonadione, Retinoic acid, AHA and proanthocyandines. In a gel base.

Special Features
AB-UV lightens the skin and prevents peri-orbital vasodialation.
It speeds up normal process of skin cell exfoliation and regeneration.
It has strong ant-phlogistic effect, and offers significant anti inflammatory benefits.
AB-UV e.Gel retains moisture and results in significant in TEWL (trans epidermal water loss)

Application & Precautions
Apply AB-UV e.Gel in the morning and at night after properly washing the face ,around the eyes as directed by consultant.
Apply sunscreens before going outside in the day time.


Specifications of Glosutix

Product Name
Glosutix Tabs.

Pack and Ingredients
Glosutix is Alu-Alu strip of 10’s in a unit carton and box of 3x10’s
Each Film coated tablet contains
L-Glutathione (Reduced) 500 mg.
Vitamin C 500 mg.

Special Featurese
Glosutix is an Anti-oxidant, Immune Booster, detoxifier, Anti-ageing, skin-whitener.
It synthesizes light pigmented melanin called phaeomelanin instead of dark pigmented melanin eumelanin.
It counteracts the oxidative process required to create melanin.
It also plays a role as tyrosinase inhibitor reducing the action of pigmentation.
Glosutix acts as free radicals quencher reducing the oxidative stress.
It boosts sperm counts by reducing oxidative stress on the sperm cells.
Enteric coated Glutathione in Glosutix directly enters the blood stream through small intestine.


Specifications of VICROW

Product Name
VICROW Vitamin C serum 20%.

Pack and Ingredients
Vicrow is available in a 15ml.pack.
Vicrow contains L-Ascorbic acid and Hyaluronic acid.

Special Features
VICROW boosts collagen, smoothens wrinkles and lightens sunspots.
It hydrates the skin by maintaining moisture.
VICROW reverses lentigines which is another aspect of skin ageing.
It reduces facial wrinkles and improves appearance of photo-aged skin.
Combining with Sunscreens optimizes UV protection.
VICROW acts on perifollicular pigments and also decreases melanin formation.
Applying daily with 20% Glycolic acid significantly improves striae.

Application & Precautions
Properly wash the face and apply 6-7 drops of VICROW on the face twice in a day.
Replace the dropper immediately after taking liquid to prevent oxidation.

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